Mitsubishi Launches ‘Diamond Loyalty’ Customer Program

General Automotive Company, the official dealers for Mitsubishi in Oman, recently announced the launch of their new customer program – ‘Diamond Loyalty’. As a way of rewarding loyal customers of the brand, the new program is applicable for owners of any Mitsubishi vehicle older than 4 years old, and offers them numerous benefits including many new value added services, preferential treatment and generous discounts.

Commenting on the launch of the new ‘Diamond Loyalty’ program, Yasser Zerik, the National Service Manager of General Automotive Company said, “At General Automotive Company, we want to make sure that your car continues to perform to the highest possible standards year after year, and that’s why we are introducing our Diamond Loyalty Service program to Oman in order to recognize a customer’s loyalty to our brand and ensure their driving pleasure is maximised.”

“As Mitsubishi drivers, our customers have come to expect the best reliability and performance from their cars at all times. This program one way we ensure their expectations are met,” he added.

The Diamond Loyalty Service Program was designed to recognise and reward a customer’s long-term loyalty to Mitsubishi. As such, the program is open to any Mitsubishi owner whose vehicle has been continuously serviced at the Mitsubishi dealership and is over four years old. Membership into the program benefits customers with reduced maintenance charges and flexible payment schemes, along with the assurance that the vehicle will be maintained in top condition at all times.

In addition, Diamond Loyalty members are entitled to a number of other benefits including Free Check-ups, preferential parts and accessory pricing, complementary roadside assistance, reduced labour rates and more. Moreover, membership into the program allows customers to make a prior appointment for an exclusive 60 minute ‘Wait-N-Take’ Lube Service.

Membership is completely free and to join, and all customers have to do is simply complete an application form and return it to the service team. If eligible, they will be provided with a membership card and a joining pack to start taking advantage of the loyalty program, thereby making their Mitsubishi a true ‘Drive for Life’ proposition.

“Enrolling your car onto our Diamond Loyalty Service program is not just a short term investment. Once you have joined, your car can remain on this scheme forever, regardless of who owns or drives the vehicle. All you have to do is keep your service record complete at any one of our National Service Centers. This will not only ensure that your Mitsubishi performs to the highest level at all times, it will also significantly assist your cars resale value to any prospective new owner,” added Yasser.

For more information on the Diamond Loyalty Service Program, you can call 24 500 500, visit the website on or visit your nearest Mitsubishi Service center.