Ethical Conduct

General Automotive Company

For any business or as for any person, reputation is a priceless asset. At General Automotive Company, we can take pride in the contributions we make to human welfare every day. We are driven by our Mission to be “a company of dedication, honesty, integrity, and service” and as a result, we’ve earned a strong reputation for ethical leadership and lawful conduct.

Our reputation rests on the confidence and trust that customers, shareholders, suppliers, the media and the public at large have that all General Automotive Company employees and Directors conduct themselves and carry out their business affairs with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism without exception at all times. While reaching our business goals is critical to our success, how we achieve them is equally important. Every business decision and every action on behalf of General Automotive Company must be assessed in light of whether it is right, legal and fair, with each consideration given equal importance and weight.

General Automotive Company’s Code of Conduct explains this commitment to integrity and compliance with the law and is a strong statement about how we must behave in a wide range of business settings. With clear policies and guidance for business practices, the Code is the cornerstone for our ethics and compliance program and is therefore mandatory for all General Automotive Company employees and representatives to follow.