Customer Gifts Mitsubishi Back to GAC after 30 Years of Ownership

After over 30 years of driving the very same Mitsubishi Royal Gallant, Dr. Salim Mohammed Abu Ali decided to hand the vehicle back over to General Automotive Company (GAC), the official dealership of Mitsubishi in Oman, as a token of appreciation for the 30 years the company has helped him care for his vehicle. The hand-over took place at a special ceremony organised by GAC on February 18 at its showroom in Azaiba.

Commenting on the occasion, Manoj Ranade, the GM of General Automotive Company said, “Mitsubishi’s long standing commitment towards developing new vehicles that push the boundaries of performance, quality, durability and affordability; together with our drive for service excellence at GAC, has ensured that Mitsubishi, and by extension, GAC in Oman enjoys very high levels of brand loyalty and customer retention. Mr. Salim Mohammed Abu Ali is just one such customer, who has been not just loyal to the brand or to GAC, but also to his one very special vehicle – a 1985 Mitsubishi Galant; which he has owned for nearly 31 years.”

Dr. Salim Mohammed Abu Ali originally purchased the white Mitsubishi Royal Gallant back in April, 1985. For the entire duration of the ownership, Dr. Salim Mohammed Abu Ali ensured the vehicle was only serviced at GAC and till date has never faced any issues with the vehicle.

Commenting on his vehicle, Dr. Salim Mohammed Abu Ali said, “This car means so much for me, it has served me well for the past 30 years. It had a great trouble-free engine with great fuel mileage. And in my past 30 years of ownership I haven’t faced any lasting issues with the vehicle; a key factor of which I believe was that my car has been dealer serviced right from day one. It is in appreciation of GAC’s help in maintaining my car in perfect condition for all these years that I have decided to gift my car over to them. I hope it helps them effectively showcase just how reliable a Mitsubishi can be if maintained in a timely manner at the dealership.”

“It is evident that Dr. Salim Mohammed Abu Ali truly cares for this car. As a matter of fact, the vehicle has been cared for so well that it still has the original paint on it. It is truly an honour so receive this vehicle and we at GAC will ensure this vehicle continues to receive the same care and respect it has received so far,” said Manoj Ranade, on receiving the keys to the car at the ceremony.

GAC has always operated with a focus on establishing long-term partnerships with its customers. At each of its service centres GAC’s objective is to provide world-class levels of services that ensures customer’s vehicles are kept operating at peak performance with the quickest possible turnaround time. In doing so GAC ensures that your Mitsubishi spends the minimal possible time being serviced and enjoys a long trouble-free life.

To find out more about GAC, please call 24 500 500 or visit Mitsubishi’s Athaibah showroom. Spaces are limited and all registrations are strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis. Customers can also register via the brand’s ‘Mitsubishi Oman’ Facebook page or by sending an email to