Buying a car from Mitsubishi Motors

There are many reasons to buy a new car from us. Cutting edge technology and a superior driving experience are just two of them.

We've made buying our cars really easy


Choose your car

Choose the car that fits your requirements, then choose a model that has all the features you want.


Find a dealership

Search for your nearest dealership to schedule a visit, ask any questions you might have or arrange a test drive.


Don’t miss out on some great deals

With exclusive offers across our range, there's never been a better time to buy a car from Mitsubishi Motors.


Turn your dream into reality

We offer three different types of finance, all of them flexible and with different monthly costs to suit your budget. If you’re part exchanging, get a valuation for your existing car.


Make your business a success with Mitsubishi

Whether it's family sedans and wagons, dependable commercial vehicles, pickups or 4WD's, we've got you covered. All supported by an experienced fleet team who are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and support. So, no matter what your vehicle requirements, you can be confident in choosing Mitsubishi for your fleet.

Why buy a car from us?

You get a lot more than just peace of mind and the latest engineering techniques:


6-years unlimited mileage warranty

You're covered for the first 6 years regardless of mileage.

Roadside Assistance

6-years AAA Roadside Assistance

Cover for mechanical or electrical breakdown, a fuel problem and more.



Our designs are robust, dependable and no detail is overlooked. We call this Mitsubishi-ness.