Free Vehicle AC Check for Mitsubishi and Fuso Owners

With the hot summer months just around the corner, General Automotive Company, the official distributors of Mitsubishi vehicles in Oman, recently launched a two-month free air-conditioning check-up campaign for all Mitsubishi and Fuso vehicle owners in Oman. The complementary service campaign will continue till July 04, 2015.

Commenting on the importance of maintaining the vehicle AC in good working order, Rajesh Sharma, the National Marketing Manager of General Automotive Company said, “In a country like Oman and with summer nearing its hottest period, the AC in your vehicle is just as important as the AC at home. After all, what some may not realise is that the AC system in a vehicle car does not simply blow cold air in; it is actually designed to also remove hot air from within the vehicle cabin and dispel it to atmosphere outside. As a result it is a very complex system that relies on a number of components to operate efficiently. Like all mechanical parts, these items are prone to wear and regular system servicing helps to protect them. While AC repairs can range from simple cleaning to a more complex mechanical procedure, it is vital to take care of any minor concerns as early as possible to avoid any serious problems and an expensive fix in the future. With our free AC check we can detect these problems early and free of charge while the discounts on offer makes fixing them all the more affordable.”

The complimentary A/C check-up includes diagnostics and general health checks and will also suggest remedial measures - if required, to achieve optimum performance and comfort temperature. The service centre is also offering discounts of up to 45% on all A/C related parts and 35% on labour during the campaign. Mitsubishi owners are invited to get their vehicles checked and can pre-book the service by phone or by visiting their local Mitsubishi service centre.

“At GAC, we have always followed the customer-first approach and in keeping with that philosophy, we like to go that extra mile to ensure our service matches and exceeds all expectations. Such campaigns perfectly complement the capabilities of our factory approved service centres and well-trained staff; thereby offering our customers the best possible value in terms of a total ownership experience as well as showcasing the complete ‘peace of mind servicing’ capabilities available at our Mitsubishi and Fuso service network throughout the Sultanate,” added Rajesh.

The annual free AC check is just one of the many benefits that Mitsubishi vehicle owners enjoy. For more information on the service campaign or to book your car in for a check-up, call 24 500 500 or visit your nearest Mitsubishi Showroom. Customers can also visit Mitsubishi’s local website at or follow the brand on its ‘Mitsubishi Oman’ facebook page or twitter @mitsubishioman.