General Automotive Company Successfully Completes First-Ever ‘Montero Mania’ Desert Excursion

General Automotive Company (GAC), the official distributor for Mitsubishi vehicles in Oman, marked another milestone by successfully completing their first-ever ‘Montero Mania’ desert excursion. The event, the spiritual successor of the ‘Team Pajero Adventure’, took place on February 03 and 04 and saw 200 participants in 50 Mitsubishi Montero Sport SUVs drive into the desert for a weekend of adventure and fun.

The ‘Montero Mania’ event provided Montero owners and enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience a true desert adventure in the vehicle best suited to handle the challenge – the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. The event was designed to enhance the customer experience and allow participants the opportunity to better understand and test their vehicle’s capabilities.

Manoj Ranade, General Manager of General Automotive Company, stated, “At GAC, delivering exceptional customer experiences and opportunities to appreciate their vehicles’ capabilities fully is of utmost importance. The ‘Montero Mania’ desert excursion, just like the ‘Team Pajero Adventure’ before it, was a testament to this commitment, offering customers the chance to push the limits of the Montero Sport in a safe and controlled environment. We are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from all participants.”

The “Montero Mania” desert excursion officially kicked off at the Mitsubishi showroom on February 03, where 200 enthusiastic customers gathered in their 50 Montero Sport SUVs. Led by 20 experienced GAC staff members, the convoy ventured into the desert towards the Al Raha Camp in the picturesque Wahiba Sands.

At the camp, the convoy was escorted by expert guides from Mitsubishi Oman. The drivers were treated to a thrilling dune bashing session followed by a breathtaking sunset view from the top of a nearby dune. Back at the camp, a wide range of activities and entertainment awaited families, including a night filled with fun and laughter. The next day, the customers were given the opportunity to enjoy the desert scenery on camelback or race across the sand on dune bikes. After a memorable weekend, the convoy departed from Wahiba Sands, successfully concluding the first-ever “Montero Mania” desert excursion.

“We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all customers who joined us for this exciting event. Your participation and enthusiasm made it a truly memorable experience for everyone involved,” added Manoj Ranade.

The Montero Sport adopts a powerful yet refined exterior design with Mitsubishi’s signature Dynamic Shield front view design. It emphasises the vehicle’s width, with the headlights continuing from the front grille and the combination lamps at the bumper corners. This bold exterior is complemented by a refined interior that delivers high quality, comfort, and advanced functionality. The Montero Sport is also brimming with technology, thanks to several advanced and convenient new features. These include the easy-to-read 8-inch colour digital dash, 8-inch Smartphone-Link Display Audio (SDA) system, the MITSUBISHI Remote Control smartphone app, and more.

Powering the Montero Sport is a 3.0L MIVEC V6 gasoline engine that produces 218hp@6,000rpm and 285Nm@4,000rpm. This powerplant is mated to Mitsubishi’s 8-speed automatic transmission that delivers a smoother, more luxurious ride and improved fuel efficiency. The Montero Sport also retains the Super-Select 4WD-II system, which delivers optimal traction regardless of the driving surface, and confidence-inspiring handling characteristics.

The Montero Sport also comes with a very comprehensive list of active and passive safety features, including Mitsubishi’s RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body design, seven SRS airbags, Forward Collision Mitigation system (FCM), Blind Spot Warning system (BSW), a Multi-view camera system and more.

For more information, visit GAC’s Mitsubishi showrooms in Athaibah, Barka, Ibri, Jalan Bu Ali, Sur, Sohar, Nizwa, and Salalah or follow ‘MitsubishiMotorsOman’ on Facebook/Instagram or @mitsubishioman on Twitter.