GAC rewards Mitsubishi Staff for successful Team Pajero Adventures

General Automotive Company (GAC), the exclusive dealers for Mitsubishi in Oman, recently organised a special award ceremony to recognise the efforts of GAC employees in making the 2014 ‘Team Pajero Adventure’ a stellar success.

This award ceremony was a part of the ‘Mitsubishi Heartbeat’ Initiative. Launched in April 2014, the specially developed GAC Transformation Campaign to developed and recognize the efforts put in by every single one of GAC’s employees and also provide an equal platform on which to prove themselves. This award recognises the hard work put in by a dedicated team that led to the successful completion of six rounds of the ‘Team Pajero Adventure’.

The award ceremony was held at the 360 degree restaurant with Mark Tomlinson, Group General Manager of The Zubair Automotive Group, presenting certificates of recognition and awards to each of the 12 Team Pajero Crew Members who organised and participated in the six trips and whose efforts directly contributed towards their successful completion last month.

Commenting on the awards, Mark Tomlinson said, “The 2014 Team Pajero Adventure was our most challenging but also our most successful one to date. Despite having to organise six different trips handling and serving well over 1,500 people, the team did a remarkable job. Each of them truly demonstrated admirable skills and capability in handling the challenge, and without their dedication and hard work the event would never have achieved the level of success and garnered such positive customer feedback. I am proud of their achievement and think they are truly deserving of the recognition they have received.”

Titled ‘Team Pajero Adventure’, the annual desert adventure gives drivers the unique opportunity to experience the Wahiba Sands in the highly capable Mitsubishi Pajero. For 2014, the Team Pajero Desert Adventure was initially split into three separate groups over three weekends, the first of which took place from December 12 to 13 with the participation of over 250 people and 55 Pajeros. The second trip took place from December 19 to 20 and saw the participation of 260 people in 56 Pajeros. The final trip of 2014 took place in the last weekend of December saw the participation of 270 people and 60 Pajeros.

Because of the popularity of the event, GAC decided to conduct two more trips in January and one in February 2015. The two trips in January, which took place on January 9 and 21, collectively saw the participation of over 400 people and over 110 Pajeros; and the third and final trip on February 13 saw a further 55 Pajeros and 260 people undertake the trip. In total, over 1,530 people in over 336 Pajeros visited the Wahiba sands as part of the Team Pajero Desert Adventure in six batches over the past three months.

On each of the three trips, participants were provided with specialized desert driving training and a dune bashing session, along with a large number of other activities and entertainment for the families to enjoy. Throughout the trip the convoy of Pajeros were escorted by ten Marshall Vehicles, one of which was the fully upgraded Pajero model that was on display at the Motorshow Oman 2014. Images of the event are also available on the brand’s ‘Mitsubishi Oman’ Facebook page.

To find out more about GAC or Mitsubishi, or to book a test drive, customers can visit their local Mitsubishi showroom, go online to or follow the brand on its ‘Mitsubishi Oman’ facebook page or twitter @mitsubishioman.