GAC’s ‘Buy Genuine Parts & Win’ Campaign Winners Announced

‘Buy Genuine Parts and Win’, an awareness-building campaign, initiated by General Automotive Company (GAC) for Mitsubishi and Fuso vehicle owners, concluded effectively with a raffle draw that saw three winners taking home cash prizes of RO300, RO200 and RO100, respectively.

The two-month campaign, held from May 26th to July 25th as an educational exercise to apprise customers on the importance of buying genuine car parts, was made extra special with a Parts Purchase Raffle Draw Scheme to encourage purchase of only genuine parts. The draw, held recently, picked Hilal Hamed from Barka branch as the first winner, followed by Victor Sawaya and Al Ameen Saj, both from Azaiba branch, as the second and third winners.

“This was a concerted drive from GAC quarters to create better awareness of genuine car parts for both our Mitsubishi and Fuso brands. We organised this campaign as a part of our ongoing public service initiative to educate our customers and prospective buyers on the importance of buying genuine parts to avoid further damage to their vehicles - even accidents. We have always sought to keep our clients informed about the harms that can come from opting for spare parts that are readily available in the market. With the ‘Buy Genuine Parts and Win’ campaign, we drove home the message with a raffle draw that was centred on the coupons disbursed against purchase of parts,” explained Manoj Ranade, General Manager of GAC.

Under the campaign, customers who made cash purchases of parts worth RO50, in a single purchase, were entitled to a coupon that was included in the raffle draw. The campaign was inclusive of all the vehicles under both the Mitsubishi and Fuso brands and was conducted in all GAC service centres. The final draw was done by Jamal Al Balushi, General Manager Human Resource and admin at Zubair Automotive Group, in the presence of GAC and Zubair Automotive Group personnel.

GAC has been, since the beginning, advocating the importance of purchasing genuine parts and not falling prey to dealers of non-genuine parts. Its team of customer service executives have been playing a pivotal role in highlighting the dangers of adopting non-genuine parts to walk-in customers at their showrooms and service centres around the country. Additionally, they have also introduced platforms to engage the attention of customers on the significance of genuine parts in the longevity of the vehicle as well as the safety of the occupants in it.

As Ranade noted, some customers are inclined to go for cheaper parts, hoping to save a Rial or two. “What they do not realise is the importance of such practice... Our market observations have led us to understand the large scale implications of such impulsive purchases In the long term, they may not only have to spend more money to replace the non-genuineparts, they may also have to shell out additional money for the accruing damages from those parts. With the successful conclusion of our ‘Buy Genuine Parts and Win’ campaign, we hope the message has been loud and clear for all our patrons,” he said.

GAC’s authorised service centres are equipped with qualified personnel and specialist technicians who are trained to advice and make suggestions to helpcustomers make educated purchases.