Mitsubishi Oman, represented by General Automotive Company (GAC) in Oman has been awarded for having achieved excellent sales growth for the fiscal year ended March 2015. This honour was conferred by the Japanese automobile giant – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) to General Automotive Company.

GAC, a part of The Zubair Automotive Group, has been associated with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation from 1973 and has since been the sole dealers for the brand in the Sultanate. GAC has, over the years, developed an excellent relationship with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and works closely to ensure that their customers in the Sultanate have access to a seamless experience with Mitsubishi. In addition to previous accolades from the Japanese automobile conglomerate, this latest award presented to GAC for excellent sales growth for the 2014 fiscal year is yet another momentous milestone in a close-knit relationship that spans over four decades.

On receiving the award, Mark Tomlinson the Group General Manager of Zubair Automotive Group of said, “Around the world, and certainly Oman, Mitsubishi is a name that is synonymous with automotive quality and reliability. With one of the widest dealer networks in the world and certainly within the region, it is truly praiseworthy that GAC, as one of these distributor, has been regularly commended by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation for its efforts and achievements in the Sultanate. Receiving this prestigious award is testament to our commitment to the region and it is very encouraging for our team here.”

GAC has been a pioneer in the Omani automotive industry. With a constantly motivated workforce managed by professionally-led, supervisor-level employees and a dedicated sales team, there is little doubt as to why GAC enjoys one of the largest customer loyalty bases in the Sultanate. Combining the best of commercial, multi-purpose, sedans and sports vehicles – their superior product offering ensures that they have built up an extensive customer base that have developed a strong allegiance for the Mitsubishi brand. Moreover, these customers not only keep coming back for more, but also become individual brand ambassadors by recommending the brand to their acquaintances. As a result, customer relationships form the heart of everything GAC does. As a matter of fact, GAC is often identified and commended in the market for the consistent amount of activities they indulge in, be it customer focused, brand targeted or actual tactical activities. These include an assortment of customer-relationship building initiatives such as Pajero meets, loyalty-rewarding events and showroom displays among others. From time to time GAC also launches innovative special promotions which include complimentary AC check-ups, flexible finance schemes, and seasonal discounts for customers in Oman.

“As trends and demands in the commercial and passenger vehicle segments in Oman are continuously changing with economic and infrastructural growth, it is no longer simply about selling vehicles or parts or after-sales operations, but providing total solutions and genuine ownership satisfaction experience for our customers. This is why maintaining and building consumer confidence is at the centre of everything we do,” added Mark Tomlinson. “Our efforts over the years, coupled with the superior product offerings from Mitsubishi, have ensured that we have built an extensive customer base with a strong allegiance for the Mitsubishi brand and the phenomenal sales growth that we have achieved.”

GAC is particularly proud of their after sales services. Sharing a belief that it forms the deciding factor that causes customers to keep coming back to them – driving a second or even third purchase, GAC spares no expense when developing their after-sales division. As a result, it enjoys an extensive network that covers every key region of Oman and offers services that cater to the needs of all clients directly. Its fully equipped workshops sport the very latest in technology and highly trained technicians, offering customers a one-stop-shop for all of their vehicle’s needs.

For more information on GAC, customers can visit their local Mitsubishi showroom, go online to or follow the brand on its ‘Mitsubishi Oman’ Facebook page or Twitter handle @mitsubishioman.