Purchase a Pajero from GAC to Ensure Peace-of-Mind Motoring

Purchase your Mitsubishi Pajero from General Automotive Company, the authorised distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Oman and a part of Zubair Automotive Group, in order to enjoy a host of benefits such as comprehensive 6-year unlimited mileage warranty and roadside assistance, support of a country-wide service network and ready availability of parts, Special Loyalty Benefits, and much more.

Commenting on the benefits, Manoj Ranade, the GM of General Automotive Company, said, “At GAC we offer customers the latest 2020 Pajero Models at attractive prices, so why settle for anything less. Especially when these prices include a comprehensive 6 Years’ Unlimited Mileage Warranty and 6 Years’ Roadside Assistance. Purchasing your Pajero, especially a brand-new model, from an authorised dealership such as GAC also ensures you get one that is guaranteed to be built as per GCC specifications. Moreover, we ensure a proper 45-point pre delivery inspection check and a comprehensive road test is carried out right before each delivery, ensuring you receive a vehicle that will deliver total peace of mind motoring for the duration of your vehicle ownership.”

Even prior to purchase and delivery, all vehicles are stored at a safe and secure warehouse with regular storage check procedures being carried out to ensure the tires and battery health of each and every vehicle is maintained. GAC also has nationwide network totalling 18 parts centres and 14 service centres that offer customers exclusive after-sales service packages at attractive rates; with the service carried out by trained and certified technicians.

Owners also receive special loyalty benefits together with exclusive access to tailored events such as the Team Pajero Adventure. Another great value-added benefit of purchasing a vehicle from GAC is better resale, thanks to GAC’s in-house used car facility with tailored buyback schemes.

“Not only are vehicles purchased from unauthorised outlets not covered under Mitsubishi warranty, there is no guarantee that these vehicles are even built to proper GCC spec as they are imported from abroad. Moreover, these vehicles sometimes come with non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components such as aftermarket Sound and Navigation Systems,” added Manoj. “Given these benefits coupled with the proven reliability of a Pajero properly built to GCC-spec, we strongly advise all customers to make sure they purchase their Pajeros only from GAC.”

For more information on the Pajero or other vehicles in the Mitsubishi range, visit GAC’s Mitsubishi showrooms in Athaibah, Barka, Sohar, Nizwa and Salalah or follow ‘MitsubishiMotorsOman’ on Facebook or @mitsubishioman on twitter.