Trade up for a Pajero with GAC’s ‘Move Beyond’ Campaign

Mitsubishi Pajero, the legendary all-round SUV, is now available at an irresistible deal from General Automotive Company (GAC), the official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Oman. As a part of its latest ‘Move Beyond’ campaign - with trade up options for a brand new Mitsubishi vehicle - GAC is now offering Pajero at a bargain price with a host of free service offers and cash prizes.

Launched on 25th August, the ‘Move Beyond campaign, which provides a guaranteed opportunity to trade up any old sedan for a brand new Mitsubishi car, has made owning the full-sized sports utility Pajero a cinch. Available from OMR 10,995 (after cash prize), the Pajero comes with the bonus of six years unlimited mileage warranty and road side assistance, alongside scratch and win fuel cards for up to 1000 litres. Buyers seeking to trade-in their old cars and get behind the wheels of a brand new Pajero, can avail the campaign offer until 24th October.

“Over the years, Mitsubishi Pajero has earned distinction in the market for its reliability and powerful performance. It is a prized possession, one that every car lover wants to own. With our ‘Move Beyond’ campaign we have made the Pajero that much more accessible for all those who have had it on their wish-list. We have created a unique opportunity for buyers to not just purchase the car of their dreams at a bargain price, but also trade their old car for an assured cash gift,” said Manoj Ranade, General Manager of GAC.

Customers can also enjoy cash-back, ranging from OMR2500 to RO3500, on all models. The cash-back may be utilised as down payment or exchanged for the purchase of insurance and service. While the free service option is available from 30,000kms or two years to 50,000kms or four years on select models, the free insurance, also on select models, is available for a year in Oman.

Described as the most aspirational campaign from GAC, ‘Move Beyond’is more than an option to upgrade an old car; it is an opportunity to purchase a premium Mitsubishi vehicle at discounted prices with value-additions of free services and offers. “This is a bold move from GAC, as we are taking on the onus of trading old cars for brand new Mitsubishi vehicles at easy prices. We are providing a chance of a lifetime to become a part of the Mitsubishi family with a vehicle that reflects ones personality…Like the Mitsubishi Pajero, which has remained a symbol of power and prestige; it is looked up to by car connoisseurs for its sheer style and grace on the road. Its structure and size embodies the look and feel of a sturdy adventure-seeker who knows just what he/she wants from life. For many, the Pajero is synonymous with the outdoors, as it has established its versatility on every kind of terrain. Whether called on to manoeuvre around crowded city streets or unpaved mountain roads and desert trails, the Pajero never fails to reach you to your destination in one piece,” maintains Ranade.

Pajero’s tagline - ‘Born wild, raised with elegance’ – aptly describes the passion it evokes in its fans. Its impressive structure and inspiring interiors has made Pajero popular with both young and senior customers who equate the brand with outdoors and adventure. It is incorporated with Mitsubishi’s guiding philosophy of All Wheel Control (AWC), which delivers traction, power and slip control for each wheel independently, ensuring complete driver control, even in extreme handling conditions.Its front double-wishbone and rear multi-link suspensions use coil springs to provide quick and natural response, especially when cornering. With 3.8-litre engine, Pajero puts an incredible 239PS at ones command, ensuring that one will never be short of power.

The two-month ‘Move Beyond’ campaign will provide the perfect platform for all fans of Pajero to purchase the car of their choice. However, the offer will be applicable only for retail trade (vehicles featuring any dealer fitted accessories will be entertained for the trade up).

For more information on the ‘Move Beyond’ campaign, visit GAC’s Mitsubishi showrooms in Athaibah, Barka, Sohar, Nizwa and Salalah or You could also follow ‘Mitsubishi Oman’ on Facebook or @mitsubishioman on twitter to learn more.