Galant GTO

Mitsubishi showed the Galant Coupe GTX-1 at the Tokyo Motor Show in the fall of 1969 where it went down an absolute storm. It had a long nose, a short cabin and elegant styling – all developed to make a big splash in the sector for cutting-edge sporty cars.

It launched in November 1970 and was called the Galant GTO*. The long, low bonnet and ducktail rear reduced drag and the GTO-MR performance version was powered by Mitsubishi's first DOHC (Double OverHead Cam) engine which generated 125 PS. With seven gauges and dials, the instrument panel gave the driver the feeling of sitting in the pilot's seat of an aircraft. It was one of the most highly regarded cars ever to grace the Japanese Market.

*GTO stands for Grande Tourismo Omologato (often shortened to GT) which translates as 'approved grand tourer'. It signifies a performance car, capable of high speed long distance driving.