Driving the ASX

We designed the new ASX for everyday adventures. It’s easy to drive, easy to park and with an electronically controlled 4WD system, it offers superb roadholding in the most demanding of conditions.

All Wheel Control (AWC) 4WD

Outstanding roadholding

The four wheel drive (4WD) system was created using technologies we’ve been developing over many years. An electronically controlled series of clutches direct torque from the front axle to the rear axle when slip is detected. Active Stability Control analyses the vehicle’s motion and identifies any unstable movement. It then automatically distributes torque and braking power to the left or right wheels to maintain stability. The result is better cornering, stability, and handling.

Drive Mode Selector

Greater traction when you need it

Enhance traction and stability further with the Drive Mode Selector switch on the centre console. Just press it until the mode you want appears in the Multi-Information Display on the dash. Choose between 2WD, 4WD AUTO or 4WD LOCK settings.

Normal roads


For economical driving on normal, dry roads and motorways.

Unpredictable roads


For enhanced traction, high speed stability and predictable handling.

Challenging roads


For slippery conditions such as snow-covered roads or sand, when maximum traction is required.


City parking just got easier

We can’t find you a parking spot, but we can make parking more accessible. The compact shape, power steering and a turning circle of just 4.6 metres means you can now claim those small spaces.

Cruise Control

Easier long distance driving

Cruise Control allows you to automatically maintain your car's speed without keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal. This means more relaxed driving on longer journeys. To release it, simply press the brake pedal.

Direct Injection Engine

Responsive yet economical

The ASX has a newly developed 2.0L 16 valve inline 4 cylinder MIVEC* engine. It’s available in automatic CVT transmission. It offers enough power for a sporty performance, yet the lighter, aluminum engine block gives greater fuel efficiency. *Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system

SUV Capability

Takes speed bumps in its stride

The ASX has all the benefits of an SUV. A high driving position allows you to see more of the road ahead. High ground clearance means flash floods, speed bumps or potholes are less of a worry.


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