ASX Exterior

A chunky grille and lamps set further out gives the car a striking new face. Sleek sides and alloy wheels complete the overall look. Why blend in when you can stand out from the crowd?


A fusion of protection and performance

With a new upper grille and bumper, the front of the ASX has even stronger SUV features. But it's not just about looks. The front incorporates the DYNAMIC SHIELD, a unique design which offers greater protection for pedestrians and passengers. And the sloping hood makes it easier to judge where the corners of the car are, so getting in and out of parking spots is even easier.

Hi-Tech LED Headlamps

Better lights at the front and back

At the front, highly efficient LED headlamps, daytime running lamps and fog lamps have been placed further out to illuminate more of the road with intensive white light. At the rear, a new T-shaped tail lamp, LED stop lamp and turn lamp (indicator) offer better visibility for cars behind.

Red Diamond Colour

A richer, deeper red

The ASX is available in a range of dynamic colours, including the new 6-layer Red Diamond colour which has a richer, deeper finish.


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