L200 Interior

Inside the L200, you’ll find a host of features you wouldn't expect in a pickup: a spacious cabin, high-quality seating and sound insulation for a quiet, comfortable ride.

Power steering with Tilt

Get the perfect position for you

Adjust the steering wheel to the perfect height and angle for your drive.

Utility Design

Focusing on the detail

Because we're big on detail, you'll find lots of practical touches, like front and rear smartphone trays, USB charging port, and plenty of storage space for personal items.

Luxurious front seats

Comfortable on any journey

Seats have been designed for a body hugging fit. They offer wide shoulder support, greater side support and a deeper centre for maximum back support.

Wide Open Spaces

A class-leading cabin size

The single cab is light and spacious with plenty of legroom. If you choose the double cab version, you'll get class-leading space and room for three extra passengers to ride in comfort.


To learn about all the protective technology on board the L200, go to Safety