Pajero Exterior

From the powerful-looking front grille and the side protection mouldings, to the solid tailgate with built-in spare tyre, the Pajero is an intoxicating blend of ruggedness and elegance.


Rugged, yet sleek on the outside

The aerodynamic front of the Pajero features the strong, horizontal chrome bars of the upper grille giving it a tough, no-nonsense face. The sides are muscular and solid-looking all the way to the tail-end. The overall effect makes the Pajero feel reassuringly strong, and protective.


Twice the brightness of ordinary lamps

The Pajero has xenon gas discharge headlamps that produce twice as much light as ordinary halogen lamps. This helps to improve your view of the road and . It also has LED daytime running lamps to make you more visible to other drivers and pedestrians.


Not just useful but safer

The Pajero’s door mirrors feature built-in turn lamps (indicators) and approach lamps for added safety – the approach lamps will guide you when getting in and out of the vehicle.


Be more visible to the traffic behind

The Pajero has four lamps at the rear. In the combination lamp cluster, you have the turn lamp (indicator) stop lamp and tail lamp. At the top of the rear window is a high-mounted stop lamp. There’s also a fog lamp on the spare tyre housing.


Makes getting in and out more easy

Sensors in the Pajero detect when the Keyless Operation fob is close by – you only need to have it in your pocket or handbag. Then all you need do is touch the sensor on the handle and you can unlock the driver’s door and trunk lid, without reaching for your key.


Go where other vehicles fear to tread

Because it has a high ground clearance, the Pajero can tackle rocky terrain, flooded roads and rivers. It means that you’re all set to travel across territory once considered off-limits and ready for challenges on the toughest terrain.


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