Pajero Safety

Life on the road can throw unexpected surprises your way; sometimes not always welcome. So the Pajero is fitted with an array of advanced active and passive safety technologies, to keep you and your passengers more secure on every journey.


Stronger, more protective body

The Pajero has a monocoque body (single shell) and a chassis in a ladder frame design. This provides greater rigidity without any increase in weight. This means you get better handling in even the most difficult road conditions and less chance of losing control.


See what’s behind you when parking

You can find the rear view camera image on the Mitsubishi Multi-Communication Centre screen. It offers a clear view of the area behind the vehicle, so reversing into parking spaces is really easy. It also makes light work if you want to line up the vehicle to a caravan or trailer.

EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)

Safer braking in all conditions

EBD provides additional braking force to the rear wheels when the vehicle is carrying passengers or cargo. This ensures you are able to come to a stop quickly and safely, regardless of load or road conditions.


A brake system that matches the 4WD modes

When the road throws you an unexpected curve, the automatic braking system (ABS) ensures you’ll be ready. The system is matched to each of the 4WD modes to ensure skid-free braking regardless of surface conditions.


Your very own bodyguard

The Pajero is built using our advanced Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body. It’s constructed of high tensile strength steel that effectively absorbs and disperses crash energy from all directions while also significantly reducing overall body weight.


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